The bunny on the left is the stupidest looking one of the bunch.

I think he was Aunt Petunia's favorite.

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My name is Dill Pickles and there's nothing I hate more than bunnies -- except for baby bunnies. I hate those way more.

Imagine my revulsion when my distant Aunt Petunia died and left me with her entire estate...a broken shack, a '73 Nova, and a bunny farm.

Just look at this bunny here. Look at how stupid he looks. He looks so stupid that I have named him Stupid and tell him so as often as I can. This is just an example of one of the thousands of bunnies that are hopping around all crazy like on Aunt Petunia's bunny farm and frankly each one makes me sicker than the last.

I need help. I need your help. No zoos will take all these ridiculous bunnies -- probably because they're so ridiculous looking and stupid with their stumpy ears and legs.

The pet stores won't take them either because they say they might be disease ridden or some such thing, even though their furs are as fluffy as cotton candy. That makes me sick.

The shelters won't take them because there's too many. They just seem to keep popping up every day. I can't even think of mean names fast enough. Mean names like Stupid and Fatso and Bucktooth and Francis The Jerk.

That's why I need your help to adopt these bunnies one by one and give them better homes.

If you would like to adopt one, please click here or the links over there. I pointed to the links on the left when I said that.